Spring Membership Meeting Agenda

Coyle Community Club
Spring Membership Meeting Agenda
April 8th, 2018 Sunday 1:00 PM
Laurel B. Johnson Community Center
923 Hazel Point Road, Coyle, WA 98376

  • Welcome & recognition of service, memberships
  • Dates to save, July 4th Party volunteer opportunities
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Audit Committee Report
  • Articles of Incorporation Revision: 501c status ,filing “perpetual”
  • Membership Report & intro new Membership Roster
  • Nominating Committee: volunteers & new tools to inform nominees
  • Alder Street & Wolf Road Maintenance Report
  • Dock Report: new for safety, convenience & accessibility
  • Dock Planning Report: condition survey results, what’s next
  • Visioning presentation…Then, Now, Soon?  Celebrate 50!!!
  • 2017 Budget Proposal, Discussion, Approval
  • Proposed Addition to Dock Rules 4
  • Open Discussion

1 President: Karen Gale, Vice President: John McClane, Secretary: John Bell, Treasurer: Ted Hadley,

Director (3 yr with 2 yr remaining): Robert Batista, Director (3 yr with 3 yr remaining) Carol Robinson:

Director (3 yr with 1 yr remaining): Doug Eggert, Director (1 year): Tim McKee

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Kayak Barge Proposal

Floating “Barge” minimum 10X10 feet (for stability and room for oars, paddles etc.) moored (not attached) to dock

Cost estimate around $4000 new (for 120 sq ft), less if on Craigslist (here’s a brand new one that’s twice as large for $4000!)

Considerations Prefab (Connect-a-Dock) or EZ-dock vs. DIY (do it yourself) wooden dock

  • Buoyancy – DIY wooden barges are heavy (est 1000 lbs). About 400 additional pounds would sink the float. Prefab weight limitation=2000 lbs
  • Getting the correct height on DIY is tricky balance of weights and floats
  • Prefab won’t rot – no rusty fittings
  • No cracks where debris can collect so easier to clean (scrub brush and hose)
  • Prefab can be hauled ashore for cleaning, transported for resale etc. (250 lbs as opposed to 1200 lbs)
  • Prefab can be bought in mix’n’match sections, rearranged or added to.

Connect-a-Docks at Poulsbo marina


EZ Dock  13×10 dock in 2 sections with 6 rubber couplers


Unattached “Ramp” can be used for step down between dock to barge – or to roll a boat dolly

Some more information if interested

Barge vs Dock requirements

Barge estimates









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Newsletter Winter 2017

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 5.31.35 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-13 at 5.31.59 AM

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Fall Meeting Sat 8/3 @ 1pm

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.12.48 AM

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.13.04 AM

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2017 Budget

2017 budget

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August 25, 2017 · 2:14 pm

Dock Work Party Sat 8/26/17

River+otter+laying+on+airplane+dock+rail+in+Coffman+Cove+Southeast+AlaskaHello Members!

Our second dock work party of the year is planned for the last Saturday of this month (August 26th), and it would be great if you are able to volunteer some of your time to help keep everything ship-shape.  Work will get started at 8:30 and continue to 12:30, HOWEVER, if you are able to swing by for any time during this period it will be greatly appreciated.

Roland Faragher-Horwell, (our dock committee chairperson), has put together a rather lengthy honey-do list, but please don’t feel intimidated.  Many of the tasks are not expected to take much effort, and will hopefully get knocked off easily with one or two people.  The list we hope to work through follows:

1.  Replace lattice panels around porta-potty
2.  Replace 4×4 Posts on upper two segments of walk ramp with taller ones
3.  Remove rotten wood from cross beam at upper edges of 2nd and 3rd floating sections of walk ramp and fill with epoxy/resin
4.  Remove/Repair/Reinstall sign on west side of gate house
5.  Add new railing from gate house to inside corner of dock
6.  Add Gate Open Button to new rail
7.  Reattach any loose panels on gate house
8.  Touch up paint as needed to railings and gate house
9.  Touch up paint as needed to storage shed/ porta-potty area.
10. Install Concrete triangular panels
11. Pour 2 new triangular panels
12. Add floats to finger piers that are sagging (#4, 27, 32, 8)
13. Remove existing feed hose to hose reel and replace with new hose
14. Paint parking stripes on Birch Street
15. Layout and paint new Disabled parking spaces adjacent to port potty area
16. Install new Disabled Parking sign
17. Install new Disabled Mooring sign
18. Install new Load/Unload only sign on boat ramp side of pier 1
19. Install pair of grab rails to pier 1 or pier 2
20. Remove and straighten existing “No Trespassin”  sign at end of pier. Reinstall it and second sign on the face of the finger piers each side of the swim ladder.
21. Scrape marine life from sides of finger piers

You don’t need to bring anything to participate, but if you can bring a power screw driver and bits (or any other tool you think might be handy based on the task list), please do.  Also, for planning purposes, please contact either Roland or myself if you can volunteer for this event:

John,  juan.campana@gmail.com  425-829-2717

Roland, roland.faragher@gmail. com

John Bell – CCC Membership Chair

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4th of July Picnic!

2017 July 4 Picnic

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June 16, 2017 · 12:56 pm

Dock Work Party 6/10/17

A very productive dock work party was held on Saturday, June 10th.  It was a great opportunity for our members to maintain and improve our wonderful facilities while also getting acquainted with each other.  Everybody who uses the dock this summer can take notice of how well we are keeping up with the needs of the property.  Many thanks to all who participated!  The photos that follow show some (but unfortunately not all) of the participants.

Thanks so much,
John Bell

See more photos here 

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with dock maintenance last Saturday!  In case you were unable to come for that, or even if you did, there is another great volunteer opportunity this next Saturday on June 17th.  The Coyle Women’s Club is organizing an effort to clean up Coyle Road, and the more helpers, the better for everyone.  Here’s a few more details from them:
With summer here, we have more visitors–let’s all help to make our area a little nicer looking! If you can walk about a mile and pick up trash, we need you!  Meet at 9 am at the LBJ Community Center to pick up trash bags and safety vests from the PUD.  For those of you who get there by 8:30, there’ll be hot coffee and a treat to help get you started. Please reply to coylewomen@gmail.com if you can help. 
PS The PUD may not have enough vests for everyone, so please wear bright colors: yellow, orange, or even white; don’t blend in with the trees.



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December Newsletter 2016

december-newsletter-2016-1 december-newsletter-2016-p2december-newsletter-2016-p2

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2016 Budget

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August 27, 2016 · 12:31 pm