The Birch Street dock has 64 boat slips available for moorage.  The slips are fitted with fore and aft cleats and small edge bumpers. There are no assigned or reserved positions for your boat: first come, first served.  Member boats moored must display a club sticker for the current year that indicates lot number.

What are the benefits of belonging to the Coyle Community Dock?

Hood Canal provides excellent recreational, boating and fishing opportunities
The Coyle Community launch provides a rare access to Hood Canal and to the protected waters of Fisherman Harbor The dock provides protected moorage for boats under 26 feet.

Do I need to own a lot in the community to apply for membership?

Currently there are two requirements to apply for membership
1-You must own one a lot within the designated Coyle Community
2-You must lease a lot in the designated Coyle Community on which you live full time.

What are the dues?

All members must pay a one time $75 initiation fee. After that, the annual dues are $70 for Club membership and an additional $225 for dock membership (Dock members pay annual dues of $295)
See Membership

What amenities are at the dock?

At the top of the dock, there is a fresh water hose connection and sani-kan.  Please pack out your own garbage.

What’s the difference between Club membership and Dock membership?

Both Club members and Dock members have a key to open the gate to the dock.
But only a  Dock member’s key will also open the launch gate.
Only Dock members can moor a boat at the dock

What’s the benefit of becoming a Club member without Dock memberhip?

Club members are given a key to the dock. All Club members (and therefore Dock members)  can also participate in board meetings, propose changes, have a vote, and run for office

How many boats can a Dock member moor at the dock?

One. But a sticker for one additional boat under 15 feet can be purchased for $10.

Can a dock member have a guest moor their boat at the dock?

Yes – Guests with boats under 26 feet can moor at the dock for up to seven days with the display of a visible note that includes the member, date, and lot number on the visitor’s boat.

Can I get in and out of the harbor anytime I want?

Fisherman’s Harbor is a “half tide” harbor meaning that the entrance is not navigable at lower tides.  Generally a neutral tide is 5 feet – so if your boat draws 2 feet, you’d best wait for a 7 foot tide.

Who maintains the dock?

Ongoing costs like utility bills, annual lease of the tidelands from the DNR, and periodic maintenance of the dock, launch and parking area are covered by membership dues.
In addition volunteer work parties help defray the costs of hiring out work we can do ourselves – plus it’s a great way to bond with your neighbors!

Additionally, the budget includes funds that are being saved to cover major maintenance or replacement of the dock in the future

Staying safe on the water

Yearly FREE Coast Guard Vessel Safety inspections assure a professional assessment of each vessel’s current seaworthiness, uniting owners and boats at least annually, helping owners to detect problems, get information about recalls of equipment, learn more about boating safety.

They also provide more fun time on the water without boarding by CG.