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2017 Budget

2017 budget

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August 25, 2017 · 2:14 pm

Winter Flyer 2015

Happy New Year!
It’s that time again – 2015 Dues are due by January 31, 2016. For the full version of the Winter Flyer, click on the link or the friendly polar bear.

2015 Winter Flyer

winter flyer

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Fall Newsletter 2015

Untitled - SignYou’re Invited
Coyle Community Club
Fall Membership Meeting
Sunday, Sept. 6 @ 1pm

Laurel B Johnson Center
923 Hazel Point Road

Refreshments will be provided

2015 Club Status Reports
Election of Officers
Bylaw revision: deleting Article XVII Section 3 (no longer applies) and renumbering Section 4
Audit Committee Selection
Open Discussion

Please mark your calendars for these future events:

Dock work party: Saturday, Sept. 19

contact us at:
We appreciate your continued support.
 Hope to see you there!
Wendy Stafford

Treasurer   (425) 348-5163
The Coyle Community Club now has 84 members with 70 members paying dock fees.  Welcome to the new club members joining in 2014 and 2015:
David and Diane Bowe

Craig and Janice Campbell

George Devries

Kelly Eggers

Karen Gale & Curtis Hayes Clan

Leonetta Garcia

Tim and Kelly Gordon

Ted and Nancy Hadley

John and Gayle McClane

Mike and Jennifer Saia

Charles Van Zee and Kum Sook

Laron Williams
Our community projects so far this year have included lots of projects to keep the dock ship shape.  THANKS to all volunteers that have stepped up to help.  We depend on the participation of all members to keep our dues at a minimum.  Our next work effort on the dock is scheduled for September 19.  Please contact John  Bell, membership committee chair by September 1 to ensure your FREE LUNCH:  (425)829-2717 or
Karen Gale has been appointed to fill the remaining year of our open board director position. Thank you, Karen, for being willing to help.
Did you enjoy our summer party on the dock?  Although we missed a few of you on July 4, we had a gathering of over 62 club members and community residents.  THANKS to Norm Johnson for arranging a set list of great music and to Karen Gale for all the food planning and organization.
Due in part to all the club member volunteers, we are keeping expenses low to have consistent dues payments cover our tidelands lease, required insurance, and fund the future need to rebuild/replace the dock.  For a review of 2015 expenses to date and the current year budget, please check the budget tab on the website:
PLEASE plan to come to the Fall Membership Meeting on September 6.

The club needs the active participation of all members to best meet the needs and interests of our community.

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Fall 2014 Financial Report

From the Fall membership meeting 8/31/14 Please click here for a PDF of the full financial report 

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Proposed Changes to Dock Rules (for Spring vote)

The following are proposed changes to the Coyle Community Club Dock Rules as presented at the Fall Meeting of 2014. They will be submitted for voting at the 2015 Spring Membership meeting and would modify the rules if accepted by a majority of voters at that meeting. Additions are printed in red. Deletions are indicated by [ ].
Dock Rule 4 currently reads: Continue reading

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2014 Fall Membership Meeting Summary


The meeting was called to order at the Coyle Community Center August 31. There was a quorum of 22 members attending.

Reports by the Officers and Committee Chairs were presented. Rob Stafford, President, thanked everyone for attending and thanked the board members for their active involvement in the management of the club’s business this year.

Information for the membership at large included:

  • Reminder to clear and manage the road drainage and culverts for your CCP property to maintain the condition of the roads.
  • Reminder to attach their new year 2015 dock sticker when they receive it so that members’ boats are identifiable.
  • Lastly, commercial activity on the dock is not allowed per our tidelands lease and dock rules. Members are asked to note date and time of any incident or unauthorized usage of the dock and notify a board member.

Elections were held and the following nominees were elected for next year:

President:  Dennis Schmitt

Vice President:  John Bell

Secretary:  Carol Robinson

Treasurer:  Wendy Stafford

3-year Term Director: Paula Vine

2-year Remaining Term Director (Schmitt vacancy):  Jackie Gardner

Note:  1-year Remaining Term Director continuing: Mike Shupe

1-year Directorship of Out-going President:  Rob Stafford

Audit Committee:

There were no volunteers at this time to perform the review of our club bank statements and recorded deposits and expenditures. The Board will appoint an Audit Committee before year-end. Please contact a board member if you are interested in helping for 2-3 hours in March to perform this review.

Notice was given of proposed changes to the Dock rules 4, 5, and 6 regarding unauthorized boats at the dock.  These proposed changes will be brought for action at the spring meeting.

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Painting Work Party October 4th 9am-1pm.

road paintOctober 4 Work Party (9am-1pm)

Unleash your inner Picasso as we get ready to spruce up the dock and launch ramp.

For the Fall work party the following tasks will be addressed.

Paint boat launch gate
Paint rail on ramp and shelter housing the gate to the dock
Paint parking stripes on Birch Street Pavement
Pour two more concrete triangles
Scrape barnacles off floats


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2014 Calendar

2014 CCC Calendar

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December 22, 2013 · 8:46 pm

Dock the Halls…

A very successful dock work party was held on Sept 7.  More patching of cracks on Birch Street to prevent water erosion, missing rubber bumpers on the dock installed, loose deck boards screwed down, rotten boards replaced, non skid material patched, marine growth scraped from the sides of dock floats, and two concrete triangles put in place were all accomplished by 16 volunteers. Many thanks to Kimberly Kinser and Ann Webster for a much appreciated lunch and to Chris McLane for putting together a great team of volunteers.

-Gary Elmer




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All Hands On Dock

Saturday, September 7, starting at 9:00am
The term “work party” may seem like  an oxymoron, but the dock and  parking area on Birch Street need work and maintenance. And many hands makes short work (and more fun)
The CCC has three choices :
1) ignore the need and let the dock and parking lot deteriorate,
2) pay contractors to do the work (including travel time) at the expense of future dock fees, or 3) rely on member volunteers to do the work.
If you use the dock and have sleeves to roll up, we’d really love to see some new faces there.
WORK: Dock work will include replacing or securing planks on the walkway leading to the gate, the ongoing scraping of oysters from the sides of the floats, and upgrading of rubber bumpers on the finger piers.  Work will also include the filling of cracks in the parking area to minimize the erosion of soil under the concrete surface of the parking area.
PARTY: A hot dog roast and sense of satisfaction for a job well done.
The CCC work party will be on Saturday, September 7, starting at 9:00am and running to 12:30pm for the hot dog roast.
Gary Elmer, the Dock Committee Chairman
I can answer questions if people want to call me on 360-765-0028.
Chris McLane

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