Become a Board Member!


CCC Exec Board Membership Job Description:

Supportive of the purposes of the club as stated in the Articles of Incorporation:

  • Community benefit and common interest of present and future Churchill Coyle Properties
  • Maintain the assets: Birch Street boat launch and dock
  • Manage the funds and activities of the organization per the wishes of the membership expressed via motions presented and approved, including the annual budget

All directors shall attend all meetings and participate in Board decisions.  They should be willing to accept chairmanships of ad hoc committees as needed and able to contribute fully to the management of Club business. (Bylaws Article IV Section 2)

Exec Board meetings: 2nd Saturday of the month

General Membership meetings are usually:

  • Second Sunday in April (Budget approval)
  • Sunday before Labor Day (Officer Elections)

Term of Office: January – December

  • Officers and one Director – one year
  • Three Directors rotating three years

Club dues and fees fully paid by January. (Bylaws Article I Section 5)

Removal could be based on non-participation, non-payment of dues and fees, inability to function within standards of courteous behavior, financial malfeasance, unauthorized or illegal acts, or acts contrary to board directives which undermine the mission of the club.