What is the Coyle Community Club (CCC)?

The Coyle Community Club is an association of property owners and residents of the Coyle area.  It is a non-profit registered organization formed in 1973 whose purpose includes support and representation of the present and future lot owners within the Churchill-Coyle Properties. We maintain club recreational facilities, specifically the Birch Street dock and boat launch area which accesses Fisherman’s Harbor entry into Hood Canal and support other community interests.

How is the CCC run? 

Members elect officers and directors whose actions are governed by specific Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  Those officers and directors operate as an Executive Board to manage the ongoing business of the club. Members exercise overall control through the election of Board members, approval of an annual budget, introducing and passing specific motions in accordance with the bylaws, and the ability to change the bylaws.

When are the meetings?

There are two general membership meetings per year.

The spring meeting is held generally the second Sunday in April.  The standard spring agenda includes presentation and approval of the annual budget, report from an audit committee that has reviewed the prior year financial activity, and appointment of a nominating committee for recommendation of the officers and directors for the next election.

The fall meeting is held generally the Sunday of Labor Day weekend in September.  The standard fall agenda includes the election of officers and directors and appointment of the audit committee.

The Executive Board meets monthly generally on the second Saturday of each month.  Meetings are open to all members.

Why should I attend member meetings?

The spring and fall meetings are your opportunities to be involved with the management of your club.  The officers who are elected annually in the fall will represent the club member’s interests during the year.  The annual budget and financial status presented in the spring allow for member input and control of the club’s spending and savings plans.   These meetings are another opportunity to meet fellow club members in the community.  The meetings are planned to be of short duration and occur on weekends when lot owners would be using their recreational property in order to be well attended.