New Pilings on the Dock!

By Kimberly Kinser
Photos by Charlene Pinks

Back in the summer of 2019, as a board member of the CCC, President Karen Gale asked  me take a look at the 5 companies that she had identified in our region who could  replace the creosote coated wooden pilings of our dock. This was a requirement of our  DNR lease. 

Today, that job was completed. 

A Thompson’s Piledriving crew of 3 moved took the 12 hour journey of moving their 80  ft barge from Port Orchard into Fisherman Harbor on at high tide on Wednesday  January 13. On Thursday, they pulled each creosote coated piles and replaced it with a steel pile and a new ring with rollers. And today, Friday, they installed the caps,  rehung our signs, cleaned up after themselves and said, “Call us if you have any  questions.” 

The WA state Department of Fish and Wildlife window performing this project closed  today.  

Throughout this 18 month process, I worked closely with Doug Fritts of Thompsons to  secure permits from Jefferson County, WA Fish and Wildlife and US Army Corp of  Engineers. The Corp insisted that we have a biologist perform and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Survey. The team from Port Townsend told us what we have know for a  long time: Fisherman Harbor is muddy under the dock and there is no vegetation.  

Our next order of business is to address and remove the treated wood under the ramp.  We should do that this summer using our crew of volunteers.  

After that, we are clear with DNR until 2032. 

Thank to the Board for their support. 

Kimberly Kinser 


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