New Dock Pilings

Picture of pilings at Seabeck Marina

Dear CCC members and dock users,
We are thrilled to announce that CCC has received all of the permits necessary to replace our wooden, creosote covered pilings with steel.
This work will occur on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday January 13, 14, 15, 2021.
The dock will be closed.
The boats currently moored on the dock are between the pilings and not in the way according my liaison at Thompson’s Piledriving.  If they need to move your boat, they will do so.  They work in marinas that are much busier than ours (especially in the winter) so they are confident that our job will be quick and easy and not weather dependent.
I know that many will be curious to see the work being done.  There will be caution tape on the ramp to prevent passage.  So please watch from the parking lot or picnic table.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Kimberly KinserPresident, CCC

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