Derelict Boats Removed by DNR

“Two derelict boats that have long resided at our dock were removed for disposal under the Derelict Vessel Removal Program that is part of the State of Washington’s Department of Natural Resources.  The Coyle Community Club took all necessary steps to assume ownership of the abandoned boats and make the necessary contacts to the State offices.  A precedent has been set for how the Club will address such problems if they occur again in the future.  Please don’t let this happen to you.”

Washington, with its boating culture is full of abandoned boats that expensive to fix, and even more expensive to scuttle.
First of all, rotten wood is worthless. Big metal boats are worse. They’re often sprayed with asbestos. They can be full of lead paint and other hazards, too. Because of stringent environmental regulations, there are just a handful of places in the state where you can legally dismantle them. “It’s going to cost you more to get rid of than it’s worth,” Ferris said. From Seattle Times, 2012.

Expect even more of a liability if your boat sinks, creating an oil spill. Several years ago, a vessel sank in our harbor creating a huge fuel leak that closed our harbor and took three environmental agencies over a week to clean it up. The bill was over $27,000… A good reminder to keep an eye on your bilge pump during El Nino winters like this has been.

Thank you Dennis Schmitt – not only for  the long process it took to make this happen, but for hauling your heavy gas-powered bilge pump to the harbor on many many cold, wet and windy days this Winter to keep these boats from sinking.

PS – Bail it or haul it. Bailing your boat is YOUR responsibility. It is not a service included in your dock fee.

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