Geocaching around Coyle

In case you’re wondering what that four-color badge in the sidebar means, welcome to Geocaching (not to be confused with Geoducking!).

Geocaching is  a global treasure hunting game that requires nothing more than a GPS, a pair of sturdy shoes, a sense of adventure – plus a few loyal friends who’d  follow you into the Temple of Doom …or a leaf-infested culvert under the road.

GeocacheSo what if the treasure is a Happy Meal toy in a tupperware container and not the sacred Sancara stone, it’s still fun!

Geocaching requires two things some of us resist – spending  time outdoors and mastering new technology.   Not surprisingly then, the movement got started in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle being ground zero of the official geocaching website

There are currently some two million geocaches hidden in over 100 countries,  from downtown Manhattan to Antarctica and yes, here in Coyle!
If you click on the badge in the sidebar, you’ll find a map that marks where geocaches are hidden around our area. Many of them were created by Coyle’s own geocacher and technical wizard, Ben Ezzell. Seven years ago, Ben  set up geocaches for kids and hid them around the Community Center. He said they even make geocaches  just for dogs to “sniff” out!
The rules of Geocaching are simple: 1- If you take something from the cache, leave something of equal or greater value. 2- Write about your find in the cache logbook. 3- Log your experience at the geocaching website.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 11.36.51 AMGeocaching is a year-round hobby for everyone – urban and suburban dwellers, sailors, hikers – even underwater geocaches for scuba divers.

If you click on the Geocache logo badge in the sidebar, our local map of caches will pop up . You’ll see there’s even a geocache somewhere in the water between Fisherman Harbor and Seabeck . Click on the Question mark and a pop-up with details will appear.

Like all geocaches, where or what it is is anyone’s guess!

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