Achieve Eutopos!

One of the original homesteaders of Coyle was Harry Eaton who lived in that waterfront house with the Napennet sheds on the East side of Fisherman Harbor. You can see the house and sheds from the water.

As the story goes, Harry grew up in the South where catfish were plentiful. He missed them so much,   he built a pond for them. The pond today supports a complex wildlife habitat of deer, osprey, great blue heron, black bear, fox, coyote, as well as  cedar waxwings, ducks, geese, swifts, dragonflies, and the loudest bullfrog chorus ever.

The pond and its surrounding 40 acres were slated for development. Luckily it was saved by Thane & Karen Grooms, who preserved the natural habitat of the pond (now called Lake Napen) and the surrounding property, now known as  Eutopos Farm & Garden.


They write:

“To our delight we found an embarrassment of huckleberry riches throughout the woodlands. We harvest & sort each tiny berry by hand for a premium grade of intense flavor, keeping the huckleberry tradition alive. The Eaton family foraged from these same bushes in the early 1900’s to market in neighboring Quilcene.

Eutopos Huckleberry Jam is becoming well known for its black purple goodness; our Red Huckleberry Jelly was given rave reviews in the March/April 2013 edibleSeattle magazine. The terroir on our western slopes and in the woodlands lends a special richness to our huckleberries. Nature’s bees and hummingbirds help too!

Being in the middle of Hood Canal, views of The Brothers peaks, Mount Constance and Mount Jupiter astound. The sky beckons to be watched at sunset. Visit our website or facebook page for a photo tour — or better yet — call us to schedule an appointment to visit Eutopos Farm and Gardens for yourself.      360-697-3527″

The day the Grooms bought the property, 7/7/07 was a lucky day for the Grooms, for the wildlife around Harry’s pond, and for residents of Coyle!


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