Welcome to Coyle!

fishharbThe Coyle Community, a remote neighborhood of about 200 is located on the southern tip of the Toandos Peninsula in Hood Canal. In 1969, a small development of vacation properties was established as the Churchill Estates. The community is located in the protected inner harbor, a mini fjord called Fisherman Harbor.
In order to access the abundant recreational opportunities of Hood Canal, the community built a small private dock of 64 slips on land leased from the Department of Natural Resources.
In these pages, you’ll find information about the CCC,  about membership, etc…..as well as fishing and tide information, and fun blogs about the community club and our unique little harbor home.

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January Newsletter 2022

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January 18, 2022 · 9:13 pm

Winter Newsletter 2021

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2021 Budget

2021 FY CCC Budget Tracker

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Fall Newsletter 2021

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Notice of proposed changes


The current Bylaws of the Coyle Community Club require that notice be given of proposed changes to the Bylaws.  Specifically, the Bylaws require that notice be given in the following manner:

Section 1. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members present at the Fall membershipmeeting, provided:

1. A notice of the proposed amendment(s) to these bylaws be given at the Spring membership meeting,and copies of the proposed bylaws be mailed, or otherwise delivered, to all Club members within thirty (30) daysprior to the Fall membership meeting where bylaw proposals will be acted upon by the membership.

2. The executive board has determined that the proposed amendment is compliant with Washington State

regulations (refer to the Washington Nonprofit Handbook).

At the Spring Membership Meeting, which was conducted on April 11th at the Community Center, notice was given in the form of both an announcement and distribution of hard copies for the associated proposed changes.

In addition to that notice, the Board is now distributing this email to all email addresses on file and will subsequently post these files on the website.
The attached files are:

1) A summary of proposed changes to the Bylaws and Dock Rules (please note that the proposed changes to the Dock Rules will not be voted on until the Spring Meeting of 2022)

2) A redlined version of the proposed changes to the Bylaws

3) A clean version of the proposed changes to the Bylaws

4) A redlined version of the proposed changes to the Dock Rules

5) A clean version of the proposed changes to the Dock Rules
If you have feedback or questions regarding the proposed changes to the Bylaws, please contact Kimberly Kinser. 

We would ask that any comments be provided to the Board with enough advance notice that we are in a position to efficiently conduct the Fall Membership Meeting.

Thank you for your membership and for participating in the future of our Club.

The CCC Board

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Spring Newsletter 2021

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March 11, 2021 · 2:29 pm

New Pilings on the Dock!

By Kimberly Kinser
Photos by Charlene Pinks

Back in the summer of 2019, as a board member of the CCC, President Karen Gale asked  me take a look at the 5 companies that she had identified in our region who could  replace the creosote coated wooden pilings of our dock. This was a requirement of our  DNR lease. 

Today, that job was completed. 

A Thompson’s Piledriving crew of 3 moved took the 12 hour journey of moving their 80  ft barge from Port Orchard into Fisherman Harbor on at high tide on Wednesday  January 13. On Thursday, they pulled each creosote coated piles and replaced it with a steel pile and a new ring with rollers. And today, Friday, they installed the caps,  rehung our signs, cleaned up after themselves and said, “Call us if you have any  questions.” 

The WA state Department of Fish and Wildlife window performing this project closed  today.  

Throughout this 18 month process, I worked closely with Doug Fritts of Thompsons to  secure permits from Jefferson County, WA Fish and Wildlife and US Army Corp of  Engineers. The Corp insisted that we have a biologist perform and Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Survey. The team from Port Townsend told us what we have know for a  long time: Fisherman Harbor is muddy under the dock and there is no vegetation.  

Our next order of business is to address and remove the treated wood under the ramp.  We should do that this summer using our crew of volunteers.  

After that, we are clear with DNR until 2032. 

Thank to the Board for their support. 

Kimberly Kinser 


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New Dock Pilings

Picture of pilings at Seabeck Marina

Dear CCC members and dock users,
We are thrilled to announce that CCC has received all of the permits necessary to replace our wooden, creosote covered pilings with steel.
This work will occur on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday January 13, 14, 15, 2021.
The dock will be closed.
The boats currently moored on the dock are between the pilings and not in the way according my liaison at Thompson’s Piledriving.  If they need to move your boat, they will do so.  They work in marinas that are much busier than ours (especially in the winter) so they are confident that our job will be quick and easy and not weather dependent.
I know that many will be curious to see the work being done.  There will be caution tape on the ramp to prevent passage.  So please watch from the parking lot or picnic table.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Kimberly KinserPresident, CCC

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Winter Newsletter/Membership Form

Click here for the new membership form

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Spring Membership Meeting Cancelled

Dear CCC Members,

The Spring Membership Meeting is traditionally scheduled for the second Sunday in April.  This year, the Board tentatively rescheduled the meeting to July 4.  Due to the current decree by Gov. Jay Inslee and Jefferson County, the Board has made the decision to cancel.

At the June Meeting, the Executive Board passed a motion to suspend the Spring Membership annual budget presentation and approval requirement.  A second motion passed to present and approve the annual budget at the Fall Membership Meeting, currently scheduled for September 6. This meeting also includes Executive Board Member Elections.

Your CCC Executive Board is committed to funding the continuity and smooth operation of The Club including: insurance, Sani-can, supplies, dock and road maintenance.

If you have questions, please contact me regarding the Coyle Community Club budget, operations or membership.

The Board currently meets every second Saturday of the month via “zoom”.  If you would like to attend, we can send you an electronic invitation.

The Board wishes you and your family a safe and fun filled Fourth.

Kimberly Kinser
Coyle Community Club


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